Cavachon puppy
tri-color toy Cavachom
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Puppy love

You can't buy loyalty,they say, 
I bought it though,the other day 
You cant buy friendships,tried and true 
Well just the same,I bought that too. 
On the spot I made my choice 
Brought love and faith and a whole lot of Joy
Of happiness,so all in all 
The purchase price was pretty small 
I bought a single trusting heart, 
that gave devotion from the start 
If you think these things are 

Buy a brown-eyed puppy with a wagging tail!

 Caviler King Charles cross with Bichon Frise =  F1 Cavachons!
Toy Cavchon puppies!
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You might find  Cavachons lower priced, but you will not find ones higher quality than Three Oaks puppies.
 Three Oaks Cavachon colors!
 Three Oaks specializes in breeding/raising Toy and Standard size Cavachons and have been for many years. Our Toy size Cavachons will be 9 to 14  lbs. Standard size Cavachons will be 15 to 25 lbs full grown. We strive for healthy & happy puppies!! We know how important the first few weeks of life are when your a puppy. Our mommies have the best of care and love at Three Oaks, from the womb to our nursery your little one is being cared for and making sure they have everything they need to thrive and be healthy. Our puppies start their training, first puppy shots & deworming  at 6 weeks old. We start their puppy potty training after the age of 6 weeks old. *We do not use puppy pads, because it teaches your puppy to go potty on the floor, not outside!* Our children help a lot with the puppies, from play time to nap time to feeding time and back to play time again!  Each and every day our puppies are getting TLC, puppy training and care! On the day of your new little one's arrival, your puppy will arrive with a shot record, health guarantee of 72 hours and a one year genetic guarantee! If you need to ship your darling little one, we offer a shipping nursery care pack, specially made for you! Our Puppies can go to their new forever home at 8 weeks old.  

Children & Cavachons =BFF! 
  Three Oaks only breeds Top of the line,first Generation Cavachons!
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 Three Oaks believes that dogs are mans best friend! Our beloved dogs are family members and are treated with respect. Many times I have seen or heard of breeders and how they treat their dogs and puppies.The ill treatment of a puppy mill! You should know your breeder and never buy from a pet store or a place that has a lot of other breeds of puppies, that is a puppy mill!  There are a lot of Cavachon puppy mills and other breeds of puppies out there.  They may be cheaper,but the price is much higher and you will only leave yourself  heart broken at the end.  
 ~A happy home has a Cavachon in the midst~
Three Oaks breeds only top of the line  F1  Cavachons. Our parents have good bloodlines and are beautiful show quality.
Three OaksAvailable puppies TestimonialsStory of  Three Oakscontact us

Caviler King Charles puppies
Three Oaks Farm

Cavachons: $1,750.00 Cavaliers: $750.00 Bichon Frises: $650.00