We can ship your puppy safely with Delta anywhere in U.S.A.! Shipping nursery care pack! $350.00

Shipping nursery care pack
Includes airfare in the United States
health certificate,
Puppy Crate,  baby blanket, Puppy food and  puppy toys!!
Our puppies are raised in our loving home where they get one on one play time and TLC. We also start training our puppies at 6 weeks. Training
includes: crate training, potty training and manners. By the time you get your new puppy, they are well on their way. Our puppies are super smart and are easy to train. We encourage you to enroll them in a puppy class or buy a good puppy training book.  
You might find  Cavachons lower in price, but you will not find  ones higher quality than Threeoaks puppies.
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Our Cavachons and Caviler King Charles prices start at $950.00 & up to $1,500.00 but we think they are priceless!

Our Bichon Frise prices  $600.00 no breeding rights,$950.00 full breeding rights.                                         

We accept most credit cards,PayPal and cash only.                                                              
Sable and white Cavachon
~ A happy home has a Cavachon in the midst~
Three Oaks  Cavachons & BichonFrise are hypo-allergenic low to  non-shedding   making the perfect lap dog! 

When you adopt a puppy from Three Oaks your not just getting a puppy but a family member with four paws. When you purchase a puppy from Three Oaks you are getting a lifetime of JOY and a whole lot of love!  Please take your time and view our website. I hope you enjoy seeing all the cute puppies and feel free to email or call for any question you may have. 

F1 Cavachons sold here!
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Need to ship your puppy, but worried about it?  Don't worry about shipping your puppy, they are flown safely on the Delta airline with air conditioning to stay cool on those hot summer days  and heat to stay warm on those cool winter days. They are treated with the utmost care.  The Delta Ladies love our puppies and they care for them just like children! 
Cavachon puppies
A dream came true...
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          Flip flops in the sand!
Our available summer puppies are gorgeous with lots of beautiful color and personality!    
Updating pictures til 5/25/2015
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Warning : They will melt your heart!
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Making dreams come true,one paw at a time!
  Fluffy!       Non-shedding!       Lap puppies!     Priceless pouch!    Loveable!     Non-shedding !   
Cavachon available puppies!
Cavachon puppies available now!

Standard size Cavachon !
Available $1,500.00
Hi, my name is Kingston,my family calls me cutie patootie! I am beautiful Cavachon puppy. I should be around 15. to 19 lbs.full grown.
I love playtime and hanging out with the family. My favorite toys are my sock money and ball. I am potty training and my mommy said, I am doing great! At bedtime mommy puts me in my bed and  I am sleeping through the night til morning. I love kids,other dogs and even cats. I am a perfect lap puppy!
I am friendly, smart and easy to train!
I'm available!
Check out my video below!