Custom Pet Portraits

Along with your adorable pup, you can also get an adorable painting of your pup.  Our partner and artist Hope Riveron delights in memorializing your furry friends.  Simply make a purchase from her online store and then send an e-mail of your favorite picture.  She will mail you a custom pet portrait that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Prints are also available of her current artwork.  Along with pet portraits, Hope has a broad portfolio on her site

Cavachon Art.jpg
Cavachon Pet Art.jpg

Hope does not discriminate against furry friends, and she turn any animal into a work of art. 

Pet Portrait Art.jpg
Pet Portrait Art.jpg

She can dress your pet in the cutest outfit or place them in their favorite spot, be it by the pool or cuddling in their blankie with their toys.  

Cockapoo Art.jpg
Cat Art.jpg
Pet Portrait Poodle.jpg
Pet Portrait Boxer Art.jpg
Yorkshire Pet Portrait.jpg
Chicken Pet Portrait.jpg

We know that all dogs go to heaven, but I bet you didn't know chickens do too!  They even get their very own tuft of grass.  Your imagination is limitless for how to memorialize your pet.