Cavachon Hattie with Chicks

We have found our perfect pup! Hattie is so wonderfully spunky and sweet! She loves everything and everybody: babies, toddlers, children, adults, the UPS man and USPS lady, all dogs, cats and even our chickens! George was so patient with us from the first phone call to meeting us 3 hours from his home just to make sure my husband wasn’t allergic, to my many post ‘Hattie gotcha day’ texts asking about this and that. We’ll be empty nesters soon and When its time to get Hattie a sibling, we’ll definitely get him/her from George!


Cavachon Puppy - Therapy Dog - Star.jpg

We adopted our sweet “Star” approximately 1 year ago. She was so easy to potty train and is such a smart, loving girl. I was a bit nervous to have her fly alone from SC to NJ but it went off beautifully. She’s very healthy and we took her for Therapy Dog training  and she graduated. We now will be able to allow  her to bring joy to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. She is great with children and other dogs. Love her so much! Thank you for all you do to find homes for these fabulous pups!  
Diane Amodio, Waretown, NJ

Cavachon Puppy - Chanel.jpg

This is a picture of Chanel a few days after we brought her home. She loves her big brother Barclay a 90 pound Goldendoodle. He helped us train her and now she is keeping Barclay active in his senior years. She is a wonderful addition to our family and a little clown! She loves to be the center of attention.  Thanks again for our beautiful sable girl, Chanel.

Hilton Head Island, SC

Just a quick note to tell you Sophie is doing great!  Everyone has fallen in love with her and we actually had people fighting over who got to babysit her last weekend when we went to Yosemite.  Thanks again for helping us get this puppy.  The other day my daughter was carrying the dog and she said, “Mom, Sophie is my best buddy ever!”

Take care,Theresa

Cavachon Puppy - Finn.jpg

I just wanted to send you an update on Finn.  He has been such a wonderful gift in my life the last 5 months.  You did an amazing job socializing him early on - it just shows in his wonderful personality. He plays with everyone and is the star of his daycare group. Finn was virtually trained on arrival and has been learning all sorts of new tricks with ease.  He loves people of all ages and is a fantastic cuddler.  I attached some pictures so you can see how he has grown.  Thanks again for raising such a wonderful friend.


Cavachon Puppy - Nikitah.jpg



We are just absolutely mesmerized with our little Cavachon, Bogey (your Skippy).  He has us just wrapped around his little tiny self.  Though not so tiny anymore....weighs six pounds now.  What a delight! What a clown!  What a joy!  Can't wait to send you a picture! Will soon be starting puppy classes..is such fun going to Petco to check out all the new puppy toys and treats.

Best investment we ever made was in acquiring HIM!  We are sooooooo blessed having him in our lives.  So glad we heard about your puppies, thanks.

Bob and Margaret -James Island-Charleston, SC

Cavachon Puppy - Max.JPG

I am long overdue in writing to say how incredibly well Max is fitting into our home. Both my husband and I are absolutely in love with him. He is such a joy that you can't help but be happier with him around.  His superior temperament and personality are in direct correlation to the quality beginning that he had in your care. We would not hesitate to refer your puppies to anyone who inquires about him. We even plan to add to our family once Max is past his "puppy phase".  I feel so blessed to have found you and believe that we definitely got the puppy we were meant to have. He even shares the same birthday as me! Attached is a photo of Max just after his first haircut. 

Kind regards, Bonnie

Charlie, formerly named "Joshua", is the new love of our life, as we still have two cats, "Snuggles" and "Spooky" and our dear parrot, "Buddy" who we share this great love with.  Charlie is very smart, sweet, loving and thinks he is beautiful.  I guess that is due to my telling him he is so beautiful every day.  He lets me brush his teeth and brush his beautiful coat of fur everyday.  We are so pleased with him and attribute all his great qualities to his breeding and the love and attention he received before we got him.  Needless to say, we are blessed to have found such a loving and caring breeder as you and your family.  What can I say, everybody loves Charlie and Charlie loves everybody. 


Cavachon Puppy - Bailey.jpg

Just wanted to let you know how Bailey is doing. She is going to be 1 year old this summer. She knows a ton of tricks, and is the smartest dog i have ever seen! She also goes to see Maya, one of our neighbor's dogs that came from Three Oaks, and they are really good friends! I want to go on a vacation to South Carolina sometime, and if we do i would really like to go see Three Oaks Farm! My mom said that when my sister goes off to collage, we can get another dog. I doubt she really meant it, but if we do, i will make sure to go get it personally and hopefully bring Bailey along too! Bailey also loves the snow and water, and we have a beach house in Groton and a different house in Vermont, so we always bring her and she has a great time. I also sent you some pictures of her. I haven't taken a very recent picture, but this is her at 6 months! She is the best dog ever!

From, Lexi

Cavachon Puppy - Hank

Hank is almost 6 months old and we adore him! What a cutie and a sweetie. I am attaching a photo my daughter and I took to use for her class valentines. Isn't he cute!



What a great puppy!  Madison is already the love of our lives and has fit-in like she has been with us forever.  She's incredibly smart, immediately takes to people and is adjusting really well to our home - it's hard to believe.  You've done a great job getting her ready for her new family.  No doubt she came to us from a loving environment.  Thanks so much!

Clif & Donna 

We wanted let you know how much we have enjoyed “Einstein”.  He has been everything we could have asked for; healthy, loving, easily trained, loves his crate, and sleeps thru the night with only one trip to potty.  We couldn’t be more pleased.

Thanks! The Lutz’s   

Sorry it has taken me so long to give you an update. We decided to name him Rosco, and he is doing great. He is the best behaved puppy I have ever met. He loves his new home and is great with all the kids in the neighborhood. I am defiantly spreading the word about the cavachon breed. It helps that he is so adorable; I fell in love as soon as I saw him. I just can’t explain in words how much joy he has brought to my fiancée and my life. Thank you so much!!!!

Sincerely,  Kimberley

Cavachon Puppy - Romo.jpg

 I just wanted to let you know how little Romo (formerly known as Batman) is doing.  He just got his 16 week shots today and is getting bigger.  He is so smart and well-behaved.  I have never seen a dog as friendly to other dogs or people as he is.  He has just learned to bark at his reflection in the mirror and is such a joy to come home to every day.  I've attached a picture and want to thank you again for my baby!


Just wanted to thank you again for getting Jake to us last Wed.  He is the talk of the B&B.  Guests have threatened to steal him, when we aren't looking!  We love him and I've already been asked if he has a brother or sister that resembles him!!

Thanks again.

Prudy Abeln

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new baby girl, Abbey!  She is such a sweetie pie, the twins absolutely adore her and are so gentle with her.  She is really adjusting well to her new life with us. She has slept pretty well at night and plays and cuddles with me all day.  We love Abbey so much and can't imagine life without her, she has really helped to heal our hearts after loosing our Samantha.  Thank you so much, I'll continue to send updates as she grows.    

Sincerely, Lisa

Just a quick update on what a dream of a dog Beau has become. Gentle... intelligent ...great companion. All of the good traits one would want in a pet. He loves to ride in my SUV and sits on my left knee while I am driving and leans against the driver side door with his face exactly in line with the driver side air conditioning vent. Every now and then he does however make the passenger window go down by stepping on the console. If all Cavachons are like my boy they are indeed dream dogs.

He is for sale if you would like him back.  $200,000.00 ought to come close.

Thanks again

Cliff & Sue 

Dave and I wanted to send you a quick update on Bailey (puppy d).  

He is adorable just as you said!!  He has been so sweet and so far, in the 2 weeks we have had Bailey we have only had 3 accidents.   He has a good appetite and he never cries when we put him in his crate at night and during the day....not even the first night.  We are so happy and he seems to be the perfect fit for us.  Bailey weighed 3 lbs the Saturday after we picked him up and a week later weighed 3.4 lbs so he is gaining weight and is in good health.  

Molly (our Bichon) has had a little trouble adjusting.....well not trouble.....really just normal jealously.  Anyhow she and Bailey are becoming fast friends.  They play and play and play and already seem to miss the each other when they aren't together. 

 Thanks again,

Terry and Dave

Thank you for all your wonderful loving/training of Trinity Joy (tricolor cavachon).   My sisters fell in love with her and ended up buying Sophie (caramal/white cavachon) from you around Thanksgiving. We have been truly blessed with having them in our lives.  Thank you and God Bless!

Chris,Teresa, Kate, Lauryn, and now Joy