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Psalms 139:14
 I will praise thee for I'm fearfully and wonderfully made!
 Some of my best childhood memories were with our dogs. Like going to the dog shows and watching our dogs win "Best in Show."    I loved playing with our puppies as a child, I still love playing with our puppies today, they bring  joy to my heart! I have been around dogs my whole life and know its very important that every child knows the joy a Cavachon can bring to their heart!  

~My sister once said "there is something about a puppy that can heal your soul"~
  Snow White, our Bichon Frise just being silly!
 Our kids love dressing them up for everything!  
 This little angel loved our goats!  Three oaks knows that children are precious and our puppies are kid friendly and love children!
            DRUMROLL PLEASE... 
    Meet Caroline, she is a rescue horse  from Kentucky where she was starved, beaten and left to die. Who could do this to a hopeless animal? I will never know how people could treat their pets like this. God gave her hope, restored her health as we took her in. We give her a lot of love and look at her now! 
She has gained about 400 pounds or more and is looking so much healthier! She has become our sweet baby. 


Here at Three Oaks we know that one of God's greatest creations are Cavachons!

 Play time!
  Miss. Delilah
 Our little Hannah!!   
  Our moms
Our studs
Past litters

Charity Fulmer was the owner of Three Oaks Farm,but unfortunately she passed away in September. Her husband, George Fulmer has been strong enough to keep one of her many passions going. Charity left her physical body and gained eternity on September 6th, 2015, she leaves behind her husband, four children ages between 15-22 years old, her mother, her siblings and her company. She was a proud Christian woman and loved God with all of her heart. She had a huge passion for animals, her heart cried when she saw them in danger. I'll leave on that note, we carry on her business in her memory.